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The Old Cowboy backstory is expanded on as he continues along his quest for the vital medicine. Ratwater seems like a real nice place, maybe on a par with Deadwood. We find out that this backstory has a backstory! Personal tragedy for the Cowboy, due to being delayed in his […]

Preacher Episode 5 – South Will Rise Again

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about the juggernaut of Game of Thrones? This show has gone from strength to strength, season after season, expanding and contracting. The lack of female view point has been drastically put right in this season with extensive screen time for Sansa, […]

Game of Thrones Season 6

So Friday night was date night and we followed up a nice meal with a movie. As per the norm it was Rom-Com, which always goes down well. Man Up is a really nice film about chance meetings and where they can lead. Nancy (Lake Bell, first time I have […]

Man Up

On a whim, I decided to check out Lucifer (as it was free with Amazon Video mainly!). Plus it is also a comic book adaptation so obviously I needed to check it out. My first impressions were that this is fairly decent as a show. The premise is original but […]

Lucifer Season 1 First Thoughts

Ok, as far as opening scenes go, this was a bit “Am I watching the right show here?”, but then I remembered that I was watching Preacher so pretty much anything can happen! Flashback time! However, not terribly interesting flashbacks this time. Just some of Jesse as a kid, learning […]

Preacher Episode 4 – Monster Swamp

So, Battle of the Bastards. At last, some big action and who better than Ramsey Bolton against Jon Snow (and Sansa as well of course). Jon tried his best to make it one on one but wasn’t able to appeal to Ramsey’s worse nature. So to battle it is! From […]

Game of Thrones Episode 9 – Battle of the Bastards

There are definite differences in the styles of the DC and Marvel movies and their respective TV shows. In general they have decided to go for different styles in their TV and Film approaches. Marvel seem to have decided that their movies need to bring a bit of lightness and […]

Marvel compared with DC; Movies and TV

Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows that has been on TV in the last few years. This is a period drama but not how they usually are. Definitely no flouncing around in this one! The effort put in to make this look like Post World War I Birmingham […]

Peaky Blinders

It’s a slightly strange decision to not have the big climax, catching the main killer, as the final episode of the season. Makes this episode a bit anti-climatic, anything that happens now is not going to reach the heights of the final meeting of Bosch and David. The chasing and […]

Bosch Episode 10 – Us and Them

The shit has hit the fan. Waits has officially gone to far it seems. Countless male prostitutes violently murdered, yeah ok. Female prostitute murdered for personal effect, that’s pretty bad. Abduct a young mother, the whole world is out to get you! And on New Year’s Eve too. Ain’t timing […]

Bosch Episode 9 – The Magic Castle