Daily archives: 10/06/2016

After working my way through season 2 so I could watch the whole of season 3, it’s all been a bit fuckin’ Peaky Blinder-ish recently. But this is definitely a good thing! The first season was just plain amazing. So different from any other British TV show in scope and […]

Peaky Blinders

  An overly long film, a lack of any coherent plot and trying to do too much/throw too much in there. Visually it looked too clean/sterile which if they were going for a more grown up movie it takes away from the real and deposits the film back into the […]

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Dark, slow paced film but that doesn’t mean that it is boring. It does well to keep you interested. The scenery/camerawork is really good, the Foxcatcher estate is something else, but then you would expect that from the World’s richest family! Steve Carrell is awkward playing John Du Pont but […]


So, Raging Bull. It’s been sitting on my DVD shelves, in various houses for the last 10 years at least (I think it was the 25th Anniversary Edition), and was it worth the wait? I guess I’m more used to modern cinema pacing as this seemed a little slow to […]

Raging Bull