Daily archives: 15/06/2016

The shit has hit the fan. Waits has officially gone to far it seems. Countless male prostitutes violently murdered, yeah ok. Female prostitute murdered for personal effect, that’s pretty bad. Abduct a young mother, the whole world is out to get you! And on New Year’s Eve too. Ain’t timing […]

Bosch Episode 9 – The Magic Castle

More break-throughs in the investigation, well small ones at least! Bosch is just making friends at every turn this week. First he pisses off Eleanor when they get into a fight about Maddie, then later on he has a run in with Brasher, which pretty much signals the end of […]

Bosch Episode 8 – High Low

From what I can remember of Led Zeppelin II this sounds like a pretty faithful rendition of the album. In which case,  would it not be better to listen to the original? I’m all for broadening peoples horizons if it leads more people to listen to one of the greatest […]

Train – Does Led Zeppelin II

First impressions of Tegan and Sara: These aren’t a rock duo of the profile notes on Play Music! The synthetic drum machine beats take the edge off any sound to put it more towards pop than rock. Saying that though the tunes are catchy in an 80’s kind of way. […]

Tegan and Sara – Love You To Death

Rival Sons provide a healthy amount of guitar with a sprinkle of blues, 70’s style rock vocals in a “nearly losing my voice”  kind of way. Remind me a bit of Led Zeppelin’s lead singer. Black Coffee got my foot tapping and head nodding along. The Hollow Bones (Pts 1 […]

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones