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A Legend Is Created This latest episode of Preacher starts with some more backstory from Ratwater; The haggard Cowboy returns to town after finding out his family are dead, caused by the delay of having his horse shot by the rogue preacher of Ratwater, and he is not a happy […]

Recap: Preacher Episode 9 – Finish the Song

Star Trek Beyond is the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise following the original reboot (a phrase I thought would never say!) and it’s follow up Star Trek Into Darkness. It is produced by JJ Abrams and Roberto Orci and directed by Justin Lin. It has been written this […]

Star Trek Beyond

Martyrs by Pascal Laugier (2008) The film starts with the scene of a young girl, obviously injured, escaping from being held against her will. She is rescued, taken in and looked after and brought back to health but she has  been mentally scarred by the ordeal. Eventually she befriends another young […]


What starts out as a generic TV show eventually turns into epic TV. Elliot is a skilled Computer Security Technician, working a standard job, nothing special. Outside of this he takes drugs, in a very specific and controlled way, and hacks people to make other people’s lives better. Kind of […]

Mr Robot Season 2 Episode 1 – unm4sk pts 1&2

Wonderfully relaxed and soulful album. Black man in a white world is more up-tempo than the other tracks and jumps along quite happily, the repeated lines breeding familiarity. It starts quite simply with clapping and vocals but with each chorus it adds something else to the sound, ending as a […]

Michael Kiwanuka – Hate and Love

This week we start with probably one of the most clear cut flashbacks that we have had. No beating around the bush with this one. The entire Quincannon clan, minus Odin, are in a telecabin going up a mountain in the height of winter to enjoy the skiing. All is […]

Preacher Episode 8 – El Valero

After a good build up to the airing of this new show, it was finally time to get stuck in. A rare moment when we both are watching the same show (and at the same time!). Initial impressions are that this is extremely 80s, but in a good way. Some […]

Stranger Things – Episodes 1&2

In my attempt to learn more about film and the studies therein I decided to give this book a go, with the main idea being that I would understand a graphic novel much easier than an overpowering, daunting pure text book. I have to say that this is a very […]

Filmish by Edward Ross

It’s been really nice the last couple of episodes just carrying on exactly where it left off. Makes you feel that you haven’t missed anything, nothing has been skipped. This is particularly important for this episode as at the end of the last episode Jesse told Eugene, via Genesis, to […]

Preacher Episode 7 – He Gone

Suburra is an Italian 2015 film by Stefano Sollima (director of the Gomorrah TV Series). The main premise revolves around a plan to turn the waterfront in Rome to a Las Vegas style resort, and all the trappings and potential money influx that will bring. The plan to get this […]

Suburra (2015)