Daily archives: 21/08/2016

The last Jason Bourne film. Until the next one, maybe. Or an off-shoot of the franchise. The film series that is harder to kill than Jason himself. For what it does it does it well. From the first film you are under no illusions as to what these Bourne films […]

Jason Bourne Review

The animated Tick show that was broadcast between 1994 and 1996. It was weird and wonderful. The show has been chosen for a pilot on Amazon’s new Pilot Season. The original show revolved around The Tick (the muscle), his side-kick Arthur (the brains) and their ragtag bunch of superhero misfits […]

The Tick Pilot Review

If you are going to put Netflix and Marvel together then it’s pretty much going to be a decent effort! Looks similar in tone and style to the current Netflix/Marvel work which is right up my street  

Iron Fist – Trailer

In a huge effort by me I managed to to avoid most of the hype surrounding this film, watched only the original trailer and read nothing about it in an attempt to not over-hype it before I got the chance to watch it. Well, finally I have managed to watch […]

Suicide Squad Review