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David MacKenzie’s Outlaw King does some good in telling Robert the Bruce’s story but is unfortunately surrounded by some poor attempts to make this film feel more authentic. The whole scope of the film feels wrong to begin with. If you are going to tell the story of one man […]

Outlaw King

Welcome to ADHD’s distant European cousin of the American wannabe gangster film. Welcome to Gangsta: Flush with bright, vivid neon graphics, fast paced action and even faster dialogue, inventive swearing and big beats, this is full on from the word go. Gangsta comes from the minds and is under the control […]

Gangsta (Patser)

With his sister Jennifer (Elen Rhys) is abducted by a cult and his father incapacitated by sorrow, it is left up to Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) to plot his way into attempting to rescue her from her captors on a remote island. In true Gareth Evans style this would be […]


The main amount of hype surrounding Bad Times at The El Royale centred around the prophet-like, half-dressed, malevolent presence of Chris Hemsworth but this film is more than being about just one man. Drew Goddard’s follow-up to The Cabin in the Woods, his excellently self-aware horror film, had high expectations of being […]

Bad Times at The El Royale

October has become the month of Horror film watching, it might have been already for everyone else but I’m catching up! With such a wide variety of films and topics available that come under the horror banner I thought that I would take a look at some things that horror […]

Top 5 things ruined by Horror films

There comes a time when horror films start to feel a little bit watered down. #31DaysofHorror has been an eye opener for me over the last couple of years. You watch a metric bucketload of horror films and same tired old beats are recycled over and over again with only […]

The New French Extreme

Stupid decisions. They’re everywhere in films. In all fairness there would be hardly any horror films without characters making insanely stupid decisions but, in the scheme of things, even some decisions in horror films are stupider than others. David Gordon Green’s reboot of the Halloween franchise is an honest attempt […]

Halloween (2018)

Another year comes around and another Cambridge Film Festival takes place. As my local city, this film festival is ideal for me. Not far to travel, a wide variety of films and, after making great friends from my past couple of years attending, a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere (not to […]

Cambridge Film Festival 2018 – 5 Films I’m excited to ...

Firstly I went into this series with little to no expectations of anything exceptional or groundbreaking and how wrong I was. From the first moments of episode 1 I have been enthralled with the characters and their stories, and that is a big part of why this series has made […]

The Haunting of Hill House

Climax was my first Gaspar Noé experience and, for a large part of this film, I was getting along quite well with it. Then something happened and it no longer became interesting any more. It went too far and actually decided to become visually unintelligible. The beginning, well ok not quite […]