Daily archives: 24/10/2018

The main amount of hype surrounding Bad Times at The El Royale¬†centred around the prophet-like, half-dressed, malevolent presence of Chris Hemsworth but this film is more than being about just one man. Drew Goddard’s follow-up to The Cabin in the Woods, his excellently¬†self-aware horror film, had high expectations of being […]

Bad Times at The El Royale

October has become the month of Horror film watching, it might have been already for everyone else but I’m catching up! With such a wide variety of films and topics available that come under the horror banner I thought that I would take a look at some things that horror […]

Top 5 things ruined by Horror films

There comes a time when horror films start to feel a little bit watered down. #31DaysofHorror has been an eye opener for me over the last couple of years. You watch a metric bucketload of horror films and same tired old beats are recycled over and over again with only […]

The New French Extreme