Badlands 2

Badlands, directed by Terrence Malick, tells the story of two youngsters who are drawn together and embark on a mad ride across the country. Whilst seeming a little tame and a bit surreal in this day and age this is still a really good film. The central performances of Martin Sheen as Kit and Sissey Spacek as Holly are what make this film work with Kit embodying the disaffected youth, not tied down to anything or feeling beholden to anyone, and on meeting Holly they kindle a relationship that is defined more on love and affection than attraction.

The differences in class and situation between the central two youths causes issues and they set about finding a way to to stay together which results in them both going on the run and, especially Kit, going from strength to strength (but only in his ruthlessness) as they attempt to keep ahead of the game.

To top things off, finding out that True Romance is an endearing homage to this film made my day. The parallels between the two films are totally evident in the cast, the story, the narration and the soundtrack.


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2 thoughts on “Badlands

  • Paul S

    I like Old Malick more than new Malick and Badlands is that near-impossible thing: a great American movie that was both an artistic triumph and a box-office success. The film is also beautifully photographed!

    • Gavin McHugh Post author

      I’ve not watched a lot of Malick so this is all new to me but as you say, this was beautifully shot.