Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


An overly long film, a lack of any coherent plot and trying to do too much/throw too much in there. Visually it looked too clean/sterile which if they were going for a more grown up movie it takes away from the real and deposits the film back into the fictional world of comic books (and not good ones but ones with a lack of depth and effort).
Batman, as played by Ben Affleck is stodgy and rigid, no feeling of the energy and vitality of a hero of this ilk. Too much heavy weights and not enough cardio methinks! The character lacked any of the intelligence/puzzle solving that the previous incarnations have shown, also a lack of the vigilante as with the Nolan films. So really he comes across as a bit flimsy, not smart and not nasty.
Alfred also lacks any real personality and you don’t get the feeling of the relationship between him and Bruce, which is a shame as it has been a good part of all the Batman films in the past.
Superman I am liking more, I actually enjoyed Man of Steel. I thought Henry Cavill put in a good turn as Superman, not so much with Clark (still pales with the clown-like Clark effort of Christoper Reeve). Lois has always been annoying and it continues with this film, although I suppose you need to have a weakness if you are Superman otherwise it just becomes inevitable that the bad guys will lose.
Alexander (Lex) Luthor, as played by Jesse Eisenberg, puts in a decent portrayal. Plotting/conniving, an undercurrent of nasty (if not quite evil) and a ruthless streak to get what he wants.
The ham-fisted introduction of the Justice League’s other members was a bit ridiculous, but I suppose you’ve got to make money somehow! Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) came across well when she finally showed up as the superhero, however her alter-ego didn’t really provide any real depth or intrigue to make me want to go and watch her standalone film (which I am sure will be appearing soon).

All in all a pretty poor effort. Even with so much action occurring, particularly towards the end, I still found myself wondering “How much more of this film is there to go?” The answer it seemed was “Too much.”

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