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Binge watching is certainly a wondrous thing. Watching a series in a couple of days adds to the show, keeping you in the storylines and connected to the characters. And it adds to the enjoyment no end. I really enjoyed Black Sails Season 1 so I was eager to get onto Season 2, to pick up where I left off, to jump back in with the really well fleshed out characters (and some of the less well so!). We continue with the premise of being the Treasure Island prequel, or the story of Nassau and how it has become a place of the utmost importance with both the pirates and the gentry.1024x683_1

This is a more political season than the first, more plotting and planning, manoeuvring and power grabs, changes of roles and positions. Fortunes change for lots of people; Max continues her ascent from prostitute to Madam, Captain Vane and his raspy tones are prevalent throughout this season, playing an important part, Jack Rackham is trying his hardest to get back to the sea via any means necessary and Anne Bonny finds herself caught between conflicting paths, and so on. People rise up the ranks, through fair means or foul, however nobody falls from grace as much as is removed from the equation. Permanently. That being said there is still a great amount of action throughout; the incursion of Captain Ned Low at the beginning of the season threw the cat amongst the pigeons, showed everyone how vulnerable they are to hostile takeovers, Captain Vane continues to exert his authority over the lesser and less willing. This man has no limits to what he would do. John silver is becoming increasingly important to everyone, mainly to cover his own arse, but it’s as good a reason as any! In a change to the first season we get some astounding backstory to Flint, Mrs Barlow and their reasons for being where they are and doing what they are doing.

Again it has been a thoroughly enjoyable seasons viewing and I’m excited to continue on this voyage for another season. It’s a pirates life for me!


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2 thoughts on “Black Sails Season 2

  • Jason

    Nice season review. I’m still shocked that they killed that one particular character on the second to last episode. Did not see that coming.

    • Gavin McHugh Post author

      I know! That was a tremendous scene. Although since GoT we can’t really be surprised that everyone is fair game! They had another big character killed off in Season 1 too. Wonder who will be next? 😉