Blood Father Review

Directed by Jean-Francois Richet

Starring: Mel Gibson, William H Macy, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna

A recovering alcoholic, ex-convict father ends up being embroiled in a deadly situation by a deal gone wrong and an accidental shooting that leaves his daughter being hunted by the remaining gang members. John Link’s quiet existence is smashed by the sudden appearance of his longtime runaway daughter Lydia and the havoc that is on her tail. This leads to a short game of cat and mouse, some hunting and hiding, and some favours being called in order for the father-daughter team to stay ahead of the threat.

Mel Gibson puts on a show of strength and plays to his strong points in this role. John Link is a rough, gruff, tough, no nonsense guy who still has connections to his wayward past and is prone to large amounts of sarcasm, dead-pan humour and straight talking. It really is a good return for Mel, however, the other characters aren’t as well fleshed out and it feels like the whole film revolves around Mel’s John character and not as much thought has been put into the others. This becomes particularly evident when you realise that you don’t really care for anyone else’s outcome, including Lydia, who I didn’t find very likeable or have many redeeming features. Unfortunately this is kind of the focus of the whole film and it suffers a bit for it.

Whilst there are some good action scenes, some great lines from Gibson and a few tense moments in this film and Mel showing that he can still mix it up, it ends up feeling a little bit hollow.

Rating:     ½

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