Bosch Episode 10 – Us and Them

It’s a slightly strange decision to not have the big climax, catching the main killer, as the final episode of the season. Makes this episode a bit anti-climatic, anything that happens now is not going to reach the heights of the final meeting of Bosch and David.

The chasing and finding of Stokes again was over before we knew it. I think there needs to be more work done on the building of tension and the resolution of that tension in the right way. It all seemed to be over too fast and with too little detail.

Bosch seemed to be having a crap day really. First the Deputy Chief tells him that Brasher is getting to keep her job after threatening harassment, then they find out Stokes cannot be tried for the murder of Arthur Delacroix, then Captain Dick, I mean Pound, coerces/goads/forces Bosch to get physical and gets suspended. At least as a silver lining he gets to continue building his relationship with Maddie.

Actually a decent save at the end. Delacroix senior does what the police couldn’t do, get justice for his son. You end feeling that is the right result for everything that went on, except for Bosch but he seems ok with it though!

Might need a break before ploughing on with season 2

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