Bosch Episode 6 – Donkey’s Years

Waits has managed to get himself back into the swing of things with not much bother. To be fair though, I’m not sure anything would bother him too much, especially after the scene in the DIY store. And taunting Bosch by calling him just adds to the insult.

Bosch finally caves in and goes to visit his daughter and ex-wife. It starts out awkward but it appears that he can and does have a relationship with Maddie. And it all appears very amicable with his ex-wife and her new husband, although I’m not sure what kind of example a professional card playing couple would give to a child!

Eleanor gives some groundbreaking insight into Raynard Waits (using her old skills as a profiler), which could well be the information that Bosch needs to get on top of the escapee.

Back in LA, they track down a former friend of Arthur and attempt to question him, but after a chase there is some altercation and Brasher gets shot, but the scene was a bit strange. I wasn’t sure what had happened (maybe that was the point). Initially I thought that Bosch had shot her, which probably wasn’t the case! If it was done on purpose, then it was a disorienting scene where you aren’t quite sure what is going on or where people are.

The episode, on reflection, wasn’t an all out action one more a slow builder, putting pieces into place for the future episodes. Little bits here. little bits there. The conundrum of the bones investigation continues to turn with ever more people crossed off the list.┬áMaybe Waits was telling the truth about this (novel as it sounds)?

Can’t help but get the feeling that something bad (worse than this) is going to happen, not to Bosch, but someone close to him. The introduction of his daughter, his ex-wife helping with the case, romantically involved with a “salty boot”. Someone is going to get taken/ended by the end of this season. Maybe I’m just watching too many police shows that are driven by the damaged individual, there can be no drama if everything is just peachy!

There are some political machinations going on too with the DA O’Shea and Deputy Chief Irving, both trying to get one over on the other. As a result I don’t trust either of them to be who they are supposed to be.

I am enjoying this show, Titus Welliver is good as the titular Bosch. Gruff, determined, principled and not someone to get on the wrong side of. Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irving is playing pretty much the same role as he normally does (typecast much?), the leader/chief who is always in control.

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