Bosch Episode 8 – High Low

More break-throughs in the investigation, well small ones at least!

Bosch is just making friends at every turn this week. First he pisses off Eleanor when they get into a fight about Maddie, then later on he has a run in with Brasher, which pretty much signals the end of that relationship too.

Waits shows a surprising sensitive side when crying over his mothers death, which is a little hypocritical considering it was he who ended her life!

Lt. Pound is trying his hardest to persuade Brasher that she wants to file harassment charges against Bosch for their relationship, as a way to bury the problems that she has been having at work but also as a way for Pounds to get back at Bosch (no love lost between those two!)

More political shenanigans with Deputy Chief Irving and DA O’Shea, this time involving a local Reverend Ott, who obviously has sway with the community and could be instrumental in getting O’Shea elected as Mayor, and Irving as Chief. However the original plan devised by Irving and Ott has changed by the time that O’Shea and Ott meet, which Irving isn’t happy about.

Forensics call Bosch to show him something was found on the skateboard that they found with Nicolas Trent’s belongings. It was initials and a date scratched into the board, showing it belonged to Arthur Delacroix in 1993. Jesper, the technician, also tells Bosch that he fucked up. He got a call, supposedly from the DA’s office asking about the contents of the backpack found with Arthur’s bones. Unfortunately it was Waits who was calling and this is where he got the info about the Starfish that lead them to believe that he knew about the murder and also paved the way for the walkabout that he managed to escape from.

Some more investigating of the residents in the vicinity of burial site throws up another family name to follow up with, the Blaylocks. They had lived there at the time, but has since moved away and they used to foster kids. Bosch gets the address and decides to drive the 6 hours to get there to ask some questions.

It turns out that Stokes was one of their foster kids back in the day and it also turns out that they are the ones who sold Trent the skateboard, Arthur’s skateboard, when they moved away. This points to Stokes being the killer of Arthur.

Bosch is given a call that Waits’ cellphone is┬ábeing used near Hollywood Boulevard. On investigating there has been a murder. A woman has been killed and left in a dumpster. The murder scene is identical to that when Bosch’s mother was killed.

This Waits fella is a clever one, and has made it pretty personal with Bosch.


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