Bosch Episode 9 – The Magic Castle

The shit has hit the fan. Waits has officially gone to far it seems. Countless male prostitutes violently murdered, yeah ok. Female prostitute murdered for personal effect, that’s pretty bad. Abduct a young mother, the whole world is out to get you!

And on New Year’s Eve too. Ain’t timing a bitch! It seems the whole of the police department were partying in one place or another, which would make it the ideal time to commit a crime!

A major breakthrough comes when they finally get through all the files from the boys home. Bosch, using his experience, picks the one most likely and he and Edgar head of to investigate David Harris.

Turns out that this is the place, they find David’s mothers body, well past it’s best. Then they explore the garage. Edgar scoots off to call for backup and, as usual, Bosch heads on alone. More trouble coming his way. If only he could stick to departmental protocol!

Having said that, Bosch does manage to get his man, but at what cost? The “no bullets in his gun” thing, will that change anything? He did pull his gun on Bosch so he should be ok, but you never know….

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