Welcome to a new series of articles based on books that I have read that I feel deserve to be given the adaptation treatment onto the big, or small, screen. Not content to just throw a title out there, I have decided to dig a little bit deeper to think […]

Book2Film – Perdido Street Station

Robots take over the world! A fairly common premise to be writing about and this does try to change things around a little bit but ultimately it doesn’t do anything particularly ground breaking. It is a decent, easy read and there are some really interesting parts, but unfortunately there aren’t […]

Sea of Rust – C Robert Cargill

Putting it roughly this is an updated version of Sherlock Holmes transplanted into an LA setting, switching ethnicity and making it much more youthful. And it really works. IQ (Isaiah Quintabe) is a brilliant young high school drop out, taught the right way to do things by his older brother, […]

IQ by Joe Ide

This may feel like a short novella but I found that it was fantastically well written from start to finish. The sparse, efficient use of language is so different from anything that I’ve read before but yet it still manages to get the themes and tones across without any problems. […]

You Were Never Really Here by Jonathan Ames

I’m going to have a go but I’m sure that I am in no way going to do this book justice in this review! Best thing to do is to go read, and experience, it yourself. Imagine, if you will, that women are physically superior to men; imagine if the […]

The Power by Naomi Alderman

The trailer for the forthcoming Annihilation film, written and directed by the superb Alex Garland (Ex Machina (his amazing debut as director), 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Never Let Me Go & Dredd (as screenwriter)) landed and definitely peaked my interest. But knowing that it has come from a Jeff Vandermeer novel […]

Annihilation by Jeff Vendermeer

Ready Player One is a book about the trials of a young man as he tries to solve a puzzle in an attempt to win a ludicrous amount of money, a controlling share in the worlds largest and most elaborate virtual software company and at the same time deny a […]

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

So my reading habits are sporadic at best. I tend to go through phases of wanting to read as much as I can and then forgetting about books entirely for some undefined time. A trip to the Hay festival was enough to kick start this phase of reading, to be […]

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Star Wars: Catalyst is my first dip into the Star Wars extended universe of stories, prompted by the cinematic expansion of the canon. If they are going to expand on the myths and stories around the main films then there is no reason not to expand my knowledge on the expansion! Always […]

Star Wars Catalyst

Undermajordomo Minor is about a boy called Lucien (Lucy) Minor who is friendless and loveless in his home town. He decides to take employment in a remote castle assisting the majordomo (main servant) Mr Olderglough. Lucy’s tale follows his journey from Bury to Castle Van Aux, where he sets up […]

Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt