Foreign Language Films

Collecting all my reviews on Foreign language films in one handy place.

Won Shin-yun’s Memoir of a Murderer is a story of a serial killer and is not as straight forward as first expected. Afflicted by a brain injury that has led to dementia leaving him living with memories of the past but frequent losses of any new memories. When a new spate of […]

Memoir of a Murderer

2016’s Train to Busan was such an adrenline-fuelled ride, that pretty much anything that follows is going to seem pale in comparison. Seoul Station, whilst inventive and an interesting choice to give an origin story for the outbreak, or at least some more context, lacked the ongoing tension and pressure […]


When firefighter Ja-Hong dies in a tragic accident, in the process of saving a young girl from a burning building, he is brought in to the underworld, Hell, where he faces seven trials in 49 days to decide if he is worthy a gain the chance for resurrection. Ja-Hong is […]

Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

Ildikó Enyedi‘s film, On Body and Soul is a beautiful film. Slightly off-kilter but beautiful none-the-less. Endre, CFO of a slaughterhouse, is almost universally liked within the workplace, it is clear that he has a steady life here and is content with his lot. When a replacement quality inspector, Maria, is […]

On Body and Soul

Thelma is another growing up story, a finding yourself/coming of age tale with a twist. As Norway’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 Oscars and much like Julia Ducournau‘s Raw, it centres around a young, socially inexperienced girl called Thelma as she begins a new stage of […]


Takashi Miike is back (did he ever really go away?) Blade of the Immortal follows a Manji, a warrior, who, after a breathtaking opening sequence where he takes on multiple combatants, is mortally wounded. His death is postponed by the strange and mystical Yaobikuni and her life-giving bloodworms. Now that […]

Blade of the Immortal 

Part of, and the final teaser screening for, the London Korean Film Festival being shown at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, Jung Byung-gil’s The Villainess is outwardly an action-revenge story but it has much more to it than that. Part drama, part noir/thriller/crime/mystery, it certainly tries to mix things up. The opening […]

The Villainess

Totally worth a watch as it still looks great and works really well, solid performances and a compelling story, based on real life, give this film more weight than it would have otherwise but it flows well and keeps your interest throughout.

Memories of Murder

After a robbery goes wrong horribly Kenneth (Kevin Janssens) is left behind as Dave (Jeroen Perceval – Bullhead which I am keen to see after watching this film) and Sylvie (Veerle Baetens) make off with nothing. At the trial Kenneth keeps his mouth shut about Dave and Sylvie being part […]

D’Ardennen (The Ardennes)

With some really good jump scares and with its slow building, creeping dread, Under the Shadow works so well.

Under the Shadow