Taking a different ideology to the Dunkirk trailer, this is the other kind of trailer that you seem to get these days. Basically it is ‘how to cut down your film into two minutes so that nobody had to go and see it as we’ve shown you the story and […]

The Accountant – ┬áTrailer

  As they come this looks like a decent fantasy action film. Big set pieces, explosions, great big nasty beast trying to destroy all that is good. What’s not to like? But then there is the fuss that has been made about Matt Damon starring in a film about The […]

The Great Wall – Trailer

  This is a really good, minimal trailer. It doesn’t show too much but gives you context to the situation and then peaks your intrigue as to what happens next after the black. The ticking/beat sound that picks up pace throughout the trailer really raises the tension, building to the […]

Dunkirk – Trailer