As I grow ever older my musical tastes have been changing and, as with the Rolling Stones, they have made changes, reinvented themselves to keep relevant, but this is more of a step back in time, harking back to their older music. A bit more blues (ok a lot more […]

Rolling Stones – Blue and Lonesome

Wonderfully relaxed and soulful album. Black man in a white world is more up-tempo than the other tracks and jumps along quite happily, the repeated lines breeding familiarity. It starts quite simply with clapping and vocals but with each chorus it adds something else to the sound, ending as a […]

Michael Kiwanuka – Hate and Love

From what I can remember of Led Zeppelin II this sounds like a pretty faithful rendition of the album. In which case,  would it not be better to listen to the original? I’m all for broadening peoples horizons if it leads more people to listen to one of the greatest […]

Train – Does Led Zeppelin II

First impressions of Tegan and Sara: These aren’t a rock duo of the profile notes on Play Music! The synthetic drum machine beats take the edge off any sound to put it more towards pop than rock. Saying that though the tunes are catchy in an 80’s kind of way. […]

Tegan and Sara – Love You To Death

Rival Sons provide a healthy amount of guitar with a sprinkle of blues, 70’s style rock vocals in a “nearly losing my voice”  kind of way. Remind me a bit of Led Zeppelin’s lead singer. Black Coffee got my foot tapping and head nodding along. The Hollow Bones (Pts 1 […]

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

Caught a Ghost landed on my radar due to watching the TV show Bosch. The theme tune Can’t Let Go is catchy and jazzy with a touch of soul thrown in for good measure. So, it got added to the listen list. There are a couple more tracks that hit […]

Caught a Ghost – Human Nature