What starts out as a very decent premise ultimately falls short of the fear or scare values needed to give this film what it promises. Eldest son and college student Ethan’s (Thomas Mann) embryonic project to explore and hopefully provide wireless electricity goes awry and inexplicably opens a link to […]

Our House

Written and directed by Ross Clarke and based from the novel Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger, The Chemist is a neo-noiresque mystery based in New Orleans with a central character who has lost their memory. A self-made explosion at a drug-making shack leaves experimental chemist and  disaffected genius Eric Ashworth (Joseph Morgan) […]

The Chemist/Desiree

Devil’s Pass is a found footage style documentary investigating the Dyatlov Pass Incident where nine experienced hikers were found high up in the Ural Mountains, outside their tents and not wearing the appropriate gear and in some cases they looked like they didn’t have the time to get their gear […]

Devil’s Pass

Found footage horror films get a bad rap a lot of the time but when they are done well, well worn tropes aside, they can be effective and entertaining. I found (yes, I went there) Hell House LLC to be both. A seasoned crew of Halloween haunted house creators decide […]

Hell House LLC

Some films have everything they need in place to be well received. Basing Session 9 in an abandoned lunatic asylum? Yep. A group of blokes wandering around doing a job all by themselves? Yep. Creepy goings on? Eventually. Being left with plenty to think about? Undoubtably. So it is a bit of […]

Session 9

The Yankee Pedlar Inn, a historic hotel, is closing down. Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) are the young attendants, looking after the few guests that are staying here in it’s last weekend of being open. With both Luke and Claire being supernaturally inquisitive, Luke putting together a website for […]

The Innkeepers

Jack Clayton’s 1961 film The Innocents bases the horror and mystery more in the mind than on the screen. Taken from the Henry James novel, The Turn of the Screw and adapted from the William Archibald play of the same name by Truman Capote, injecting more psychological elements into the script to […]

The Innocents (1961)

Hagazussa is a 15th century story of fear, outcasts and the unknown. Incredibly atmospheric in its slow moving pace but also keenly reminiscent of Robert Egger’s The VVitch in the style, shot choices and, of course, the topics and how they are handled. Throw in a dash of Nicholas Winding Refn’s […]


Steve: Eden Lake, my arse! Slapton Quarry! Jenny: “Gated community”? Who are they so afraid of? Steve: Everyone. From the opening credits, you get a perfect example of what Eden Lake is all about: flashes of idyll and terror, serene lake images and bloody faces. That sense of a paradise […]

Eden Lake

Christian Gudegast’s Den of Thieves doesn’t ever seem to break new ground but yet it remains engaging throughout. Heist films are like gold robberies, there are plenty of efforts at doing one but only a select few make it. Den of Thieves tries a few new things but ends up […]

Den of Thieves