Having watched the first episode shortly after it appeared I wasn’t wholly excited about this show. However, after returning to it later I found this to be very entertaining and highly watchable.

The similarities between this and Supernatural (the earlier seasons) are evident. Humour abounds amongst the scares that the hell spawn provide, popping up and being dispatched in ever various ways. And a story arc that spans the whole season (and actually was just beginning to build nicely when it reached the season finale – another reason to want a second season to find out what happens).

Matt Ryan puts in a good shift as John Constantine, although his accent (scouse) seemed to slip every now and again. He is believable as the damaged exorcist/demonologist/detective with his wealth of knowledge in the occult and a healthy lack of empathy to get the job done whatever.
The series certainly grows as it goes along; starting as one off, self-contained episodes then building into a proper series, with continuing story that pervades the episodes of the second half. “The Saint of Last Resorts” being a 2-parter is the highlight of this season, allowing more tension and a deeper plot to develop than the demon-of-the-week run of the mill episodes.

The effects are really well done, looking believable (if that is possible!) and well made. The variety of creatures/threats is also decent enough to make you feel that you aren’t seeing the same thing week after week.

All in all it is a decent watch, certainly flowed pretty well and was easily consumed. However, the fact that it has been cancelled after just the one season means that the desire to watch is diminished especially the fact that you are left not wrapping up the story arc.

Constantine is available on Amazon Video (for free with a Prime membership)

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