Deepwater Horizon 1

Deepwater_Horizon_MMRThe Deepwater Horizon disaster is the biggest oil spill in US history (estimated 210 million US gallons) and this biopic film by Peter Berg shows some of the goings on before the disaster occurs. It is moving at the right moments and unreservedly damning of the people responsible for this disaster and loss of lives.


For me, Kurt Russell is the standout star of this film as Rig Supervisor Mr Jimmy, totally owning the screen and the thorn in the sides of the BP money men, lead by John Malkovich, who are desperate to press on with the drilling, safety and protocol be damned.

When the unbelievable chain of events begin, it is some of the best cinema I have seen in a long time; tense, fraught, visually astounding, bombastic and disbelief that this actually happened.

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