Devil Town

Devil Town is a short film written and directed by Nick Barrett and produced by Corporeal Films.

We begin with a complete arsehole of a businessman, the very worst of the stereotype; no manners, no consideration, no compassion. Whilst going about his busy, self-interested day he crosses the path of a beggar/preacher who accosts the business man to tell him that town is being overrun, being taken over, the end of the world! The businessman continues on, taking no notice of the beggar and enters a coffee shop where he settles down only to be re-acquainted with the beggar at his table where he begins to weasel his way into the businessman’s time, getting him to listen to his ramblings.

Devil Town is a nice little film, a good premise and well portrayed by the actors Matthew Hebden and Johnny Vivash. It could’ve done with a bit more information, a bit more background in order to add another layer to the threat, heightening the situation and effectiveness of the ending. That being said it has a similar feel and style to some other, more famous films, but giving you those films would detract from the ending!


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