Dark, slow paced film but that doesn’t mean that it is boring. It does well to keep you interested. The scenery/camerawork is really good, the Foxcatcher estate is something else, but then you would expect that from the World’s richest family!

Steve Carrell is awkward playing John Du Pont but i think that is the point, you never get any real insight into him apart from the rich man trying to rule something that he doesn’t really know that much about but hopes that the money will get him there. He is certainly not in normal work mode, so for that he does deserve some of the accolades that are being pushed his way for this. At first it is hard to associate the person on screen with the multitude of other roles he has played in the past with such comic effect.

Channing Tatum puts in a good shift in this movie. From just watching his body language you get the feeling that he is playing an athlete who has no other skills in life at all. Everything is wrestling and it comes over well. Mark Ruffalo is just an excellent actor in everything he seems to be in and again is really good in this as the older brother, the protector, the grown up to Channing’s adolescent.

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