Game of Thrones Episode 9 – Battle of the Bastards

So, Battle of the Bastards. At last, some big action and who better than Ramsey Bolton against Jon Snow (and Sansa as well of course). Jon tried his best to make it one on one but wasn’t able to appeal to Ramsey’s worse nature. So to battle it is!

From the first moment Jon is out thought and out strategised by Ramsey. Not to mention  out numbered. Ramsey used everything at his disposal to sway the battle in his favour and it was startlingly evident that he would do whatever is necessary to get that win, unlike Ser Davos who is a more human opponent and wouldn’t fire on his own men.
The battle itself was of decent quality. Plenty of action, blood, guts, gore and the realisation that you’re fucked really came through in the acting and the situation they found themselves in.

The idea that they were rescued by last minute reinforcements was a little weak, mainly because I think that it has happened in about half of all war scenes ever! Having said that, the tension had built to hopelessness by the time that they arrived to save the day, so in that sense it was well thought out.

The subsequent attack on Winterfell and Ramsey’s unseating again was well done, if a little short. Jon showed some real menace in his dispatching of Ramsey, understandable with what he has done to his family.

At some point they are going to have to start pulling the at least some of the threads together otherwise interest will start fading. They need to start to build towards the end game, the narrowing of finalists in the Game of Thrones and the positioning they will be in.
Daenerys and Tyrion make a good team. Brains, strategy and belief. And dragons, don’t forget the dragons, they are good for a few things. Tyrions plan to overpower the Masters was a good one, not only did they remove the threat they gained ships too. And with Yara, Theon and the Iron Fleet on their side, along with the Dothraki, Unsullied army and the dragons she is in a good place to attack anyone (as long as the Dothraki can make it across the sea!)

I don’t know where they are going to go for next weeks season finale but if this is anything to go by, I can only hope that it ramps it up instead of leaving a bridging episode to season 7.

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