HBO’s Ballers

What a great little nugget this is!

Funny, but then it can also be quite serious. Ridiculous and totally over the top at times but yet poignant and reflective. The show is undoubtably and unashamedly a Dwayne Johnson vehicle, but you know what? It totally works. He is so charismatic as the former NFL star Spencer Strasmore and he works so well with Joe (the equally superb Rob Corddry) as they try to build up their fledgeling Sports Management company, one with the contacts and knowledge of the sports world and one with the financial knowledge. Alongside the antics of trying to capture new clients and keep the ones that they have already got, throw in some really good Pro-sport characters who have no idea what to do with their immense paycheques and it leads to many, many crazy ideas and plans for success.


The 30 minute episodes are perfect in length but still allows for plenty goings on. The characters are strong and well developed, the reasons for their behaviour are fully explored. Season 1 is mostly introducing us to the main cast, showing us what they get up to to bring in these prize targets but also exploring the crazy world of sports agents and the money. Always about the money! Season 2 brings more depth, more entourage and more stress but it also brings out the best, and worst, in Spencer and Joe. I’ve not managed to see Season 3 yet but I will be putting that right as soon as I can.

Based in and around Miami the settings are ridiculously good tied in with some astounding property (and boats too) it looks fabulous. And the soundtrack is just great. Starting every episode with a remix of Lil Wayne‘s Right Above It gets you into the mood perfectly; a male sports-oriented, alpha-male series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Ballers is a hidden gem amidst some of HBO‘s giants.

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