IQ by Joe Ide

Putting it roughly this is an updated version of Sherlock Holmes transplanted into an LA setting, switching ethnicity and making it much more youthful.

And it really works. IQ (Isaiah Quintabe) is a brilliant young high school drop out, taught the right way to do things by his older brother, including having a conscience and be a productive member of his community. Isaiah’s partner in crime (fighting), Juanell Dodson, is a chancer with an eye for a deal or an opening, is less conscientious and more self centred but still has a good heart somewhere down in there.

Telling the story in a dual timeframe we learn about how IQ and Dodson are brought together and also how they are working together to crack the current case. They are both quite well formed characters and are easy to get along with, understand their motivations. It follows along at a good pace without ever quite being a page turner, un-put-downable but it didn’t take me long to read this, and it was fairly easy to follow along.

The one downside I had with this one was that it ended up feeling too much like a nordic noir crime novel rather than stamping it’s own style onto proceedings. That being said, I am still interested to see where Joe Ide goes with IQ’s next outing.

Definitely worth reading if you like a bit of easy going, crime fiction,

Rating: ½

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