Last Chance U Season 2

Netflix‘s Original program Last Chance U was one of my favourite shows from last year. Th superb first season drew me in totally out of the blue it hit me hard. But it wasn’t just the action of Junior US College Football that worked so well, it was the insight into the coaches and myriad of support staff that were working their asses off to get these guys back on track, whilst at the same time use their talents to further the schools name.

In this second season of the docu-series we still have the same access to players, staff and locals, still go behind the scenes to see what is happening, good or bad, to nearly everyone involved. It is an intriguing set up and it well worth watching, especially if you have watched the first season already, however the second season suffered a bit, never quite capturing the drama and X-factor that the first one does. It feels like we find out a lot more about the staff than the previous season, the players aren’t as charismatic and entertaining and there is less joy throughout.

Coach Buddy Stephens is striving, from the beginning, to be a better person after his loss of temper at the end of the last season, finding his faith and trying his hardest not to swear. As much! As such, this season in hindsight is far more focussed on the coach than the players and it is this shift that left me feeling less enamoured of the whole as before.

Ms Wagner is still battling with the players to ensure they are up to speed academically, and the other coaches and staff have their work cut out trying to shepherd these wayward, football-loving behemoths into doing what they are told. Not an enviable task!

Maybe it was that the team never felt like they were going to gel like the before, even though they still had some really good players, or after the events of the previous season the odds were too stacked against them for this to be a successful season but it never reached the highs of the first season.

Last Chance U is some great TV to watch, both seasons, and if you start one there is no reason not to continue watching the whole lot.

Rating:     ½

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