Lucifer Season 1 First Thoughts

On a whim, I decided to check out Lucifer (as it was free with Amazon Video mainly!). Plus it is also a comic book adaptation so obviously I needed to check it out.

My first impressions were that this is fairly decent as a show. The premise is original but doesn’t ever feel like it is out of the ordinary.

Lucifer, or Lucifer Morningstar as he keeps telling people his full name, has decided to take a break from controlling Hell and enjoy some R&R in Los Angeles. He hasn’t descended the whole town into debauchery but owns a seemingly popular club where he spends most of his time drinking and picking up the ladies. In the pilot episode one of Lucifer’s friendsĀ gets gunned down and that is where the fun starts. Lucifer meets LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Laura German), who is investigating the shooting/murder, but Lucifer isn’t happy with the effort being put in to solve the case so he decides to do some detective work for himself. Needless to say Lucifer and the Detective’s paths cross and they then, reluctantly on the Detective’s behalf, team up.

Cue Lucifer using his powers to assist investigations, and the get his own way where as the Detective has to stick to the law. It’s a classic duo of straight laced cop and rule-bender. Needless to say, they will each rub off on each other, borrowing the skills and talents that the other has for the sake of solving investigations.

Whilst the acting is of a decent standard, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is little too light-hearted for my liking. I know he’s on holiday but so far in my watching (Episode 4) he hasn’t really shown much of the Prince of Darkness other than his ability to make people tell him their ‘Deepest, darkest desires’, which is a bit disappointing. On the plus side, it is an enjoyable watch, a standard police procedural, case of the week type show with a nice twist on the elements. I shall be continuing watching to see what becomes of this odd couple.

Lucifer is available on Amazon Video

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