Lucifer Season 1

Having started out watching this with no preconceptions or ideas about how good or bad it would be I ended up pleasantly surprised by the finale.

As a premise it is a nice one, Lucifer has decided that he has had enough of Hell and has taken up residence in LA, mining it for all the depravity that he can get his hands on, and helping others get their hands dirty too. A chance occurrence leads Lucifer to team up with a local LAPD detective, Chloe Decker, who appears to be the only person immune to Lucifer’s powers of desire, which obviously intrigues him no end. As the show progresses we see more and more of a human side to Lucifer, including him becoming mortal, and are left guessing as to the reasons behind this.

So begins Lucifer’s week to week assistance in solving criminal cases, mostly murders, with the alluring detective. In this respect it follows a fairly ordinary detective show, a new case every week. Throw into this Chloe’s ex partner (and current detective) Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro – who gets around but never seems to be the outright star of shows) and the troubles linked to this and the fact that they have a kid together it all leads to tough times for the extremely likeable Lucifer played by Tom Ellis.

Det. Decker plays pretty much everything by the book whereas Lucifer will pretty much bend any rules he can to get things done, an obvious clash waiting to happen.

The main story arc for the season only really picks up pace half way through, which made the show more interesting and more compelling. The further introduction and build up of Amenadiel’s role again added to the supernatural element and took this show a step above the standard police procedural.

As entertaining as this show is I found myself constantly waiting for Lucifer to explode into a Hell-unleashing fury on some poor miscreant who has wronged him or Chloe, or anyone he cares for but it never happens. Kind of left me feeling a bit let down by the whole show. I am willing to give season 2 a chance to see where and how it will go down.

Lucifer Season 1 is available on Amazon Video

Lucifer Season 1 gets 7/10

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