Man Up

So Friday night was date night and we followed up a nice meal with a movie. As per the norm it was Rom-Com, which always goes down well.
Man Up is a really nice film about chance meetings and where they can lead. Nancy (Lake Bell, first time I have seen anything of her, she did this character justice, funny, awkward and a little bit fragile) and Jack (Simon Pegg, who plays this kind of role really well, talkative, upfront but slightly damaged) are both believable as the dysfunctional twosome on a lucky pairing.

Jack is supposed to meet someone at a train station in London but somehow manages to think that Nancy is his blind date Rebecca. Nancy also somehow manages to not tell Jack that she isn’t the blind date and so begins this journey. Jack (divorced) and Nancy (seemingly unable to connect with anyone due to blabbermouth-itis) strangely hit it off at a variety of locations, and all the while Nancy should be at her parent’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Needless to say there are some less funny moments, some highs and some lows, but on the whole this film keeps the pace up nicely, introduces a nice twist (not really for Nancy!), and ends satisfyingly as it should with any Rom-Com worth their salt.

Man Up gets a decent 6.5/10

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