Mayhem has to be one of the most fun films that I have see this year. The ridiculous plot  that a “rage” virus, ID-7, infects a corporate tower block which then gets quarantined until the effects of the virus are neutralised. And add to this that nobody can be held responsible for their actions whilst infected we have all the ingredients for something special.

Violent, violent, funny and bloody. Steven Yeun is great as the downtrodden exec, thrown under the bus by his bitch of a boss and then fired just before the quarantine happens. With a plan in his pocket and a willing companion they set off Dredd/The Raid style, working their way up through the building to the penthouse floor to see to the executives and to get them to reverse the decision of his firing.


So much violence in this. And gore, but not in a gross way. It is over-the-top but ridiculously so, played for humour rather than repulsion. This film is a blast once it kicks in. Not sure how it compares to The Belko Experiment (as a similarly violent office-based film) but i really enjoyed this one.

The nasties were nasty, the minions were dispatched creatively and our protagonists were resourceful and driven. And above all cleverer than their prey! Why not watch this? Crack open a couple of beers and stick this one on!

Rating:     ½

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