Michael Kiwanuka – Hate and Love

Wonderfully relaxed and soulful album.

Black man in a white world is more up-tempo than the other tracks and jumps along quite happily, the repeated lines breeding familiarity. It starts quite simply with clapping and vocals but with each chorus it adds something else to the sound, ending as a bit of funky soul. It’s so good it is still going round in my head now, in the best way, no earworm here!

Rule the World is a wonderfully emotional song, soulful and searing

You do get a sense of the emotion being poured into this music. It would be easy just to enjoy the vocals and styles, but on closer inspection there is definitely something extra in the meaning of these songs. This does not detract from the album itself, it adds another layer to the music that some don’t have. I’ve not heard any of his previous songs but I’m going to after hearing this album.

Highly recommend this album, a wonderful listen to an artist who appears to be in full control of his music.
Rating: 810

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