#Month of Spooks – Saw 1

Saw as a film hasn’t really aged, apart from the CRT monitors on display throughout. On this updated viewing I found it to be not quite as tense or as horrific as I remember but this is still a masterclass in small budget, claustrophobic horror story telling.

Foremost it is a great horror premise, and in this first film we only get an inkling of the future tests/games that happen in the multitude of sequels but this is the original situation/choice horror: People being played and being forced to make a decision (albeit not much of a choice to be fair), the lesser of two evils with one usually being death and not just a nice, easy death either!

Cary Elwes, last seen recently by me in The Princess Bride, holds his own well here, as does Leigh Whannell as co-captive Adam. I completely forgot that Danny Glover is in this as the grizzled and obsessive cop! And the shock ending? Excellent work. Who knew it was him all along and he was right under their noses the whole time!

A great start to my Month of Spooks, only 30 more to go!!

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     ½

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