#MonthOfSpooks – A Tale of Two Sisters

Beautifully shot, A Tale of Two Sisters revolves around a recently released mental institution patient who returns home with her sister to their family home. Disturbing and unsettling events follow as the sisters and the step-mom clash and the past gets brought back to the surface.

There are some really unnerving moments in this but this film is more about the not knowing for sure what is happening and what is real, the downward spiral into, or in Su-mi’s case back into, a very confused state of mind. The impressive direction of Km Jee-won (I Saw The Devil, Age of Shadows) manages to leave most of the questions open for as long as possible whilst also driving the story along. Really well acted by the few actors involved, with some great sound work to heighten tension and provide that creepy element at all the right moments.

A decent story with a good reveal at the end, putting everything into place. It goes a slightly different way that you think it will but it is still a really good film.

Horror Rating:      ½

Overall Rating:     ½

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