#MonthOfSpooks – Creep

I had been flirting around the idea of watching this and with a friend saying that the newly released Creep 2 was a great watch, it prompted me to dive in, finally.

Amateur videographer Aaron is invited up to a cabin in the woods to shoot some video of Josef for the day. As things progress all is not quite as above board as it seems….

Well, I didn’t find it terribly creepy with only the ending rising to a level that caused some response in me. It is a nice idea, but there was too much faffing around, too much talking about stuff that wasn’t overly upsetting or provocative. Sure, he was a damaged individual, susceptible to infatuation and losing touch with reality but the whole thing didn’t effect me in a way that would deem this rated higher. Maybe the sequel is better, but I’m not sure that I’m going to find out.

At least not this year!

Horror Rating:     ½

Overall Rating:    ½

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