#MonthOfSpooks – Hounds Of Love

Hounds of Love follows the ordeal of a teenager, after she is lured into the house of a young couple on the promise of some weed she finds herself held captive and subject to some disturbing behaviour and violence.

It is an interesting storyline, and this general plot has become more prevalent in recent years, and the performances from all involved are good but when it was all over I was left a bit ambivalent, didn’t have any strong feelings one way or another. It isn’t particularly violent (in my eyes anyway), neither tense or terse, and with no real atmosphere to give it any bones to build on. The pacing didn’t feel right to me with no urgency or time given to develop the story fully. I found myself having no emotional connection (not enough time with Vicky to care about her and having no compassion for Evelyn as we don’t really find out what has gone on beforehand for her to be in this situation). John was probably the most developed of the characters, he was an arsehole, but also a weak bullied arsehole who took it out on those less fortunate than himself, to make him feel better. This gives it a strange feeling of being mostly about the women but not giving them the depth to their characters to make them count.

It is pretty well filmed, some good shots/angles around the house Vicky is being detained in. There is a little bit of social commentary around Evelyn and the life that she is living but it just isn’t investigated in a way that draws you in so in the end it just feels like a simple story about a couple who kidnap young girls to have their depraved needs fulfilled, whatever they were.

Horror Rating:      ½

Overall Rating:     ½

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