#MonthOfSpooks – In The Mouth Of Madness 1

Sam Neill stars as investigator John Trent is sent to look into the disappearance of famous horror/fantasy writer Sutter Cane. Strange things start happening almost as soon as Trent begins his job, interacting with all manner of people who have read Cane’s books and have seemingly begun to lose their minds.

Situations don’t get much better when Trent and editor Linda Styles set off on a road trip to try to find Cane’s fictional town of Hobb’s End (where they believe he is hiding out) leaves Trent frustrated at every turn and Styles being assimilated into the madness that is all around them. The more they find out the crazier things get until the proverbial shit hits the fan and all hell begins to break loose.

It definitely has a 90’s feel about it, but in a quality TV movie kind of way. Neill is superb as Trent and there are a number of other recognisable faces who crop up such as Charlton Heston, Jürgen Prochnow, Frances Bay and a very young Hayden Christensen.

Directed and scored by John Carpenter it should have all the necessary elements for a decent horror, and it does. Not so scary but a bit unsettling with a great central performance. There is blood and gore alongside some fairly decent creature designs but this film aims for the psychological, twisting and warping reality to confuse and drive those trapped insane.

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     ½

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