#MonthOfSpooks – Pulse (2001)

Based in the early days of the internet, in Pulse we find out that ghosts are using this new technology to invade the world of the living. Told via two parallel storylines, which eventually converge, we hear the plights of Kudo Michi as all of her colleague disappear one by one and of Ryosuke, a student who investigates the strange occurrences centred around his own computer with the help of another student.

Quite long for a horror film at nearly two hours, it does take its time to get where it is going, and even when it gets there it turns out that it isn’t quite the film that you thought it was going to be. More existential than I expected, there are more questions about our existences than the existence of the afterlife and the spooky goings-on that might come from it.

Pulse is a strange film. It never really gets going and, ultimately, never really explores the ideas that it is putting out there. It doesn’t really fit into the same vein as some of the other Japanese horror films that arrived around a similar time such as Ju-on (The Grudge), Dark Water and Ringu (The Ring).

Horror Rating:      ½

Overall Rating:     ½

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