#MonthOfSpooks – Raw

After watching Haute Tension the other day I felt that I couldn’t put it off any longer. This film kept staring at me out of the list, especially as after watching it earlier in the year it has remained one of my favourite films in 2017.

Raw shows us the developing story about when Justine arrives at the Veterinary schools where her sister is studying, and incidentally where her parents went and met. As a bit of a vet-nerd Justine has led quite a sheltered existence so far and the experience of this first bit of freedom is something of a shock to the system. Part coming of age, part body horror this film takes quite a different route from anything I have seen before in showing how Justine deals with these complex and changing times. The interlinked storylines of coming-of-age, sexual awakening and cannibalism is just superbly done.

My full review is here from when I first watched this film but I will add that it has lost none of the impact from then on repeated viewing. Great performances from all the young actors, fantastic direction and pacing from Julia Ducournau and the repeated refrain kicks in superbly whenever something big is about to go down, heightening the sense of anticipation. Highly reommended, and not just for the Month Of Spooks!

Horror Rating:      ½

Overall Rating:     ½

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