#MonthOfSpooks – The Purge: Anarchy

The second film in The Purge family begins, as before, in the few hours before the almighty purge (A Government sanctioned, law-free crime spree – anything goes!) starts. We see people being told to “Stay Safe” and locking themselves in before the chaos kicks off.

In the first Purge film we are shown the story from someone inside a house that is attacked by Purgers; this time we are outside with some unlucky people, some non-purgers who are most definitely not wanting to be outside at this present moment.

In The Purge: Anarchy, the action is more varied, the weapons louder and more violent and we have an undercurrent of anarchy and privilege running through the whole thing. The anarchists fighting against The Purge as it has basically become a way of thinning out the lower classes to allow the rich to live happier, not something that the general populace would be wanting it to become. The tension of being outside whilst killing is legalised works really well as the gang of unfortunates run from one hiding place to another with only one lone protector, a purger with a heart (Frank Grillo), who does his best to remain distant and focused on his mission whilst also being a good person deep down.

Overall this is a decent addition to the first film, with plenty of good action, tension building and violence and all kept at a nice pace throughout. Visually this is more expansive than the previous film as the cast move from location to location and the costume design of the purgers is elaborate and imposing without ever being outrageous.

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:    

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