#MonthOfSpooks – The Purge: Election Year 1

It made sense to watch this and the Anarchy film back to back but that is all the sense that it makes.

In this edition of The Purge we are introduced to Charlie Roan, a Senator and whose family was victim to a purge attack, who is battling against the Purge loving Government in an attempt to get elected as President and put an end to the vicious Purge directive.

In my opinion, this film is a step too far for the Purge dynasty. Descending more towards a political thriller rather than the violence fuelled horror that the previous films have been, it doesn’t abide by the rules of the Purge and suffers as a result. Bigger in scale, but less tension, less moments of drama and less violence. Not much of a purge really!

It does well in bringing the Purge trilogy to a conclusion (somewhat), building it up to governmental action and overthrowing the incumbent rulers, the NFFA purge lovers, the ruling elite but it lacks the pure horror and visceral one on one violence that the original was all about. This is a generic US gun fight film. Shame. The only redeeming factor is that this future isn’t too far fetched from the current climate….

Best thing about this film? Frank Grillo is back and doing his best to take on all comers, and he does. Even after getting shot. Again! You rock, Frank!

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