#MonthOfSpooks – You’re Next

You’re Next kicks off with a home invasion, and a pretty brutal one at that. After that we get introduced to the Davisons. All of the Davisons, as they are gathering the family for a celebration. All the usual family tensions are present as siblings interact with siblings and their significant others. Things take an almighty turn when one of the guests is shot in the head as he stares out of the window. And this is where the deaths start.

There are no two deaths alike as the guests are wiped out one by one (and at a pretty pace too). Unfortunately what they didn’t count on was Erin, one of the son’s girlfriends, being brought up in a survivalist compound and having learnt many, many skills to do with combat and survival, which come in very handy in this situation!
What should be an easy target turns out to be a hell of a lot more challenging than first thought. The tension is there in places and the action is kept at a decent pace. Some of the deaths are overly violent: bludgeoning, hackings, garrotting, blending, stabbing, throat-cutting, axe-ing, the list goes on. Definitely not one for the squeamish as there is plenty of blood on show and plenty of sickening sounds of things being turned to mush.
Adam Wingard has done a great job to keep the tried and tested home invasion genre fresh and inventive in this film.

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     ½

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