My Scientology Movie

In My Scientology Movie Louis Theroux attempts to investigate the closed shop that is the Church of Scientology and their evasive and elusive leader, David Miscavige. Having asked to be allowed access in the past, and denied repeatedly, Louis decides to follow another tack and gets in touch with people who have left or been thrown out of the church. Then he is going to make his own movie to tell the story. The main source of information is Mark Rathbun, who was someone high up in the organisation but has now left/escaped. It is not entirely clear as to which of these methods was the one he used, but he seems genuine enough and knows his way around the church and its systems and methods.Louis Theroux_My Scientology Movie

Rather than bang his head against a brick wall, Louis and his gang, including Mark Rathbun, attempt to recreate some of the situations Mark experienced by using actors. This is all well and good but somehow the church gets wind of this, and of Mark’s involvement, and attempts to interfere and to oppress them, including letters from their lawyers and sending people round to film them to try to intimidate Louis. Anyone who has seen a Louis Theroux documentary in the past will probably know that Louis is not really one to get flustered or feel the pressure. The man is emotionless in his interactions with the members of the church and this creates a great atmosphere. Also a great ploy to draw out some members of the church to get some information but they are all clueless or mindless robots and nothing of note gets disclosed. There are multiple clashes with people the church have sent out, each time they can’t tell Louis what they are doing or who they are. Louis, towards the end, turns it around on them and asks them to leave, asks them to stop filming. It’s at this point that you can see how childish they are being, like a playground bully with no other answers/

One things that occurs to me now is that when people leave they get tarnished with being a “suppressive person” (or SP) but what the church members were doing to Louis is attempting to suppress the ex-members from opening up about and to find out about the church. Hypocritical idiots.

I found this enjoyable to watch, and not being religious myself, absurd to see these people taken in and brainwashed with the promise and hope of re-incarnation (oh, and you have to pay handsomely to get to the point where you will be able to be re-incarnated!). Signing billion year contracts to work for the SEA Organisation? Really? A billion years? Who is going to enforce that? If it wasn’t such a serious thing for the people that are indoctrinated you’d think that this was all made up Sci-fi stuff. Hmm, now what kind of books did founder L. Ron Hubbard write?

Rating:     ½

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