Our House

What starts out as a very decent premise ultimately falls short of the fear or scare values needed to give this film what it promises.

Eldest son and college student Ethan’s (Thomas Mann) embryonic project to explore and hopefully provide wireless electricity goes awry and inexplicably opens a link to something or somewhere else. Strange things start to happen in and around their family home and when a car accident kills Ethan’s parents it is left up to him to look after his siblings. Struggling to cope with the responsibility and being totally obsessed with his project is not a good combination.

The link between ghostly goings on and new-fangled technology is ripe for the picking but Our House, whilst provoking good ideas, doesn’t follow them through in a manner that pays off for all the good build up. It is a slow build and is does begin to give off a  creepy feeling before it eventually fizzles out as the plot goes A.W.O.L. as the film nears its conclusion and what should be the crescendo.

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     

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