Angel Heart is a 1950’s set hard boiled crime drama, right down to saxophone theme and voice-over. This is a supernatural film-noir, just without any real scares. Mickey Rourke is […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Angel Heart

The second film in The Purge family begins, as before, in the few hours before the almighty purge (A Government sanctioned, law-free crime spree – anything goes!) starts. We see […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Purge: Anarchy

Beautifully shot, A Tale of Two Sisters revolves around a recently released mental institution patient who returns home with her sister to their family home. Disturbing and unsettling events follow […]

#MonthOfSpooks – A Tale of Two Sisters

Sam Neill stars as investigator John Trent is sent to look into the disappearance of famous horror/fantasy writer Sutter Cane. Strange things start happening almost as soon as Trent begins […]

#MonthOfSpooks – In The Mouth Of Madness

You’re Next kicks off with a home invasion, and a pretty brutal one at that. After that we get introduced to the Davisons. All of the Davisons, as they are […]

#MonthOfSpooks – You’re Next

Audition starts off like a late 90’s, early 2000’s daytime drama, even the score is light hearted and missing any hint of horror or even thrill which was totally unexpected. The […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Audition 

Day 2 and we have got Nosferatu the 1922 film. A retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula story (which is a fantastic book by the way) we follow the story of […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Nosferatu

Waiting 35 years for a sequel is going to be hard. Waiting 35 years for a sequel to one of the most revered Sci-Fi films ever is a double edged […]

Blade Runner 2049