Patriots Day

Peter Berg‘s latest film, Patriots Day is lacking the tension and range that his previous films have had. Deepwater Horizon was an exercise in mounting tension and fear, unable to take it’s foot off the gas, likewise Lone Survivor was, from the pivotal moment of engagement, edge of the seat stuff.

This film, apart from the defining moment, just didn’t carry that feeling for me, even though it was meant to. The over dramatisation of the fleeing bombers and the chase didn’t feel right and ultimately it seemed like something straight out of a TV movie, not a blockbuster film.


It really is lacking in any kind of subtlety as we follow Mark Wahlberg‘s character around trying to hunt down the escaping bombers on his home patch (Bawston, yeah!). Even with some really great actors in there it still fell flat for me. JK Simmons, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon all played their respective roles well enough, just not really taking the lead or commanding the screen as they have all done in their past.

Not taking it away from the amazing people of Boston who had to go through this horrendous ordeal and I have really enjoyed Berg‘s last couple of films, this however, was a bit of a let down for me.

Rating:     ½

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