Peaky Blinders

After working my way through season 2 so I could watch the whole of season 3, it’s all been a bit fuckin’ Peaky Blinder-ish recently. But this is definitely a good thing!

The first season was just plain amazing. So different from any other British TV show in scope and class.

Season 2 was more of the same, violence and empire-building. Tommy Shelby really is the man with the plan, sees the whole picture and moves his pawns around the board better than anyone else.

Excellent cameo from one of my favourite actors, Tom Hardy, as Alfie Solomons and just sterling work from Cillian Murphy (Tommy), Helen McCrory (Polly) and Paul Anderson (Arthur).

Season 3 has a more self contained storyline, taking it away from the good work of the first 2 seasons. However, this does not mean that it was poor. Oh no! Again the drama, plot and action come at you from every corner of the screen.

This is a stylish, dramatic, action packed show that deserves to be watched (and savoured), With only 6 episodes per season it is easy to get through but you will be left wanting more.

Excellent work from the BBC, and excellent work from all involved in making and creating this wonderful program.

A particular highlight has been the soundtrack to this show. It has been downright amazing. From Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand theme tune, to Bowie, PJ Harvey, Royal Blood, Tom Waits the tunes added significantly to the power of the show.

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