Preacher Episode 3 – The Possibilities 3

The episode starts with more back story, just like last week, but again it’s only part of the story. We are shown Tulip finding out information for some reason. The person she dealt with hands on her information to an unknown man in a white suit (who is incidentally at the Houston Snuff Movie Festival – Nice!). Then back to the present.

DeBlanc and Fiore are being questioned by Hugo (Local police officer) about who they are and why they are here. They spin some yarn, which is believed, with not a mention about their obvious English accents! Once Hugo has gone they get back to planning their next attempt to recapture the Entity within Jesse. With big guns.

We get a good example of the way that Preacher is affecting the local population. Donnie walks his son to the school bus and the local kids tease him about being the “Bunny Man” in reference to the noise he was made to make by Preacher. Also, Linus asks one of the girls if she was new, if this was her first day at school, which goes to show that Preacher’s work on making him forget about her has worked.

There is a scene or two at Quinncannon Meat & Power. I’m still not sure how this guy fits into the whole scenario but I’m sure it will be revealed in good time. Particularly disturbing is his desire to listen as cattle are slaughtered.

Pretty good scene with Cassidy as he cremates a body, the flames reflected in his sunglasses. It’s too good an image not to be straight from the graphic novel….

Cassidy again provides perfect timing in his next meeting with DeBlanc and Fiore in a kind of Final Destination moment, then he realises that they are the same two that he killed previously which is almost too much for his brain to handle. However, they re-appear in the church and this time they manage to tell Cassidy that they aren’t after him, but after Jesse to re-acquire the Entity (ludicrously in a coffee can, where they kept it!). They eventually reveal that they are from Heaven, which would normally be a big thing but is just glossed over in this situation, vampires and angels conversing, y’know everyday stuff!

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip are on a mission to hunt down (and kill) their previous accomplice Carlos. They pull over at a gas station where Jesse meets Donnie in the toilets. Now Donnie is having a hard time being known as “Bunny Man” and wants Jesse to make the noise too, at gunpoint. Jesse refuses to do so and eventually uses his power to threaten Donnie by making him put his own gun in his own mouth. However, Jesse pulls up short of making him pull the trigger but it is a dangerous scene to show the power that Jesse has. Upon leaving the toilet Preacher tells Tulip that he has changed his mind about Carlos and leaves to walk home.

A decent episode, a bit more backstory, but not too much to reveal the bigger picture yet. Preacher is exploring his powers and has a decision to make as to what, where and when he uses them. Cassidy is just awesome. Tulip is hell bent on getting this job done, with Jesse. And it’s going to be interesting how Donnie rebounds after another altercation with Preacher where he has come off way worse than expected!

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  • charandtheweb

    This show is truly something. I’m absolutely loving AMC at the moment, they’ve got some killer shows! I’m not sure if this one is quite up my alley just yet (it’s very different from what I usually watch but I love Dominic Cooper so I’ll continue for now). Cool post, are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?

      • charandtheweb

        Haha cool! Well, If you’re up for it, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot/Creators. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested. You can find my contact details on my ‘About’ page.