Preacher Episode 5 – South Will Rise Again

The Old Cowboy backstory is expanded on as he continues along his quest for the vital medicine. Ratwater seems like a real nice place, maybe on a par with Deadwood. We find out that this backstory has a backstory! Personal tragedy for the Cowboy, due to being delayed in his quest for the medicine, has thrown this man back to his killing ways, as mentioned by the preacher in Ratwater. Ratwater residents are going to need to beware!

The phone call that DeBlanc and Fiore are about to answer must be from someone important, someone powerful otherwise they wouldn’t be taking their time to practise and get it right before answering. Answering the call properly is a good tactic, however letting the call ring out before trying to answer is probably not a good thing at all. What kind of justice and judgement have they incurred by not only losing the entity, but by absconding from Heaven and then not answering when called. Someone’s in trouble…….

Cassidy is still the best character in the show, he owns every scene that he is in, larger than life (which is interesting considering that he isn’t actually alive!), and just provides a lightness that the others can’t do.

Donnie is losing it, first the bar brawl then the incident in the service station toilet. It has made him question himself, and be found wanting. How is he going to get back on top, how is he going to get back at the Preacher? But at the same time he has managed to put two and two together and work out that Preacher is using his power to affect people in Annville to do as he says. Donnie probably doesn’t realise that Preacher thinks he is doing good, he will only see the fact that Preacher is making him look bad.

Speaking of Preacher, Jesse is coming to terms with his power and is using it to try to help the people, but taking things at absolute value doesn’t always have the effect that is desired.

Interesting plot of Cassidy and Tulip teaming up. Tulip obviously has a plan and is using Cassidy and his vampire-ness to further that plan. And we all know that it will revolve around getting Jesse to join her in the pursuit of Carlos and the revenge that she so craves. So Tulip will literally not stop at anything to get her way, which is a dangerous person to have in and around your little town.

Eugene is genuinely a nice person, ashamed for what he has done in the past and wants so badly to make things right, however the people aren’t letting him do so. I’m speculating that there is only so much this boy can take before he is going to blow his top. His dad needs to relax too. Shame is destroying him from the inside and he needs to let it go. The story points to Eugene having had a hand in Tracy Loach’s injury and subsequent coma/incapacity.

DeBlanc and Fiore are finding out the hard way that Cassidy isn’t trustworthy. Now Jesse is in on what is actually happening, well nearly in on it, I’m sure he isn’t going to let it go lightly or easily. Not now he believes that he is doing some good in this small world.

Quincannon looks like he has turned over a new leaf. Bright, forward looking and pleasant. He is a changed man after his little conversion (and conversation) with Jesse at church on Sunday. All looks like the future is going to be bright for QM&P, but then the final scene shows just how Preacher’s plans can go awry, even if he has his best intentions at heart, the effects or the method of the acts being carried out can vary wildly from the expected as was shockingly shown by Odin Quincannon here.

Preacher remains interesting, a great visual spectacle and certainly quality TV. This episode was decent enough, but the run-of-the-mill Preachings (“use your best judgement”, “drop the bat”, “be patient”) need to be spiced up by a few larger effects like Odin Quincannon (“Serve God”) to ensure the fantastic is maintained and the normalĀ is kept at bay.

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